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Perfume is the sincerest form of memory. Scents helps us to recall memories and link us inextricably to beloved people, places, and moments. Fragrance is also a form of expression. The scents we choose to wear speak volumes about who we are, but also about who we dream and wish to be. At Parfumerie No. 12, we believe that fragrance should not be the privilege of the few, but an everyday luxury available to be enjoyed by all. That is why we have created a very extensive collection of French fragrances of eau de parfum quality, faithful renditions of designer scents. Designer-inspired, or “type”, fragrance allows you to wear your favorite perfume creations from the biggest international brands, with exceptional quality, long-lasting and identical to the originals, without spending a fortune!

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In addition to our vast selection, that includes over 500 “type” fragrances for women, men, unisex and single notes and is continuously expanding, we also have high-quality personal care products for the body and hair, which can be infused with the aromatic essence of your choosing, allowing you to create your very own personalized care set! And, of course, a line of home fragrance products to help you refresh the atmosphere in your home or office, and to freshen up your linens, because a pleasant ambient scent is a big contributing factor to a positive frame of mind! In our store in Greece, in Thessaloniki, you will also find aromatic soaps and bath products, essential and fragrant oils, car air fresheners, scented candles, and many other aromatic products. Welcome to our sweetly scented world!